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Become the King of a Neighborhood

Focus Your Efforts. Stop running all over town inspecting roofs without damage or shoppers who have no affinity for your company. Save valuable time concentrating your efforts in profitable neighborhoods. Work with a company that can help you establish a dominant presence in a small, focused area of town.

Open to the Close. Our professional selling teams have a unique ability to enter an area and quickly establish rapport with COLD PROSPECTS. We personalize the experience with the property owner and demonstrate the unique selling advantages you possess.

Update Your Sales Methods. Most of the sales trainers are stuck on old models of “free inspections” that work fine at the beginning of a storm. But soon after that, the remaining homeowners are beyond that simple appeal.

We are Uncovering Hidden Objections. We break down barriers quickly with logic. Most homeowners will not disclose casually the reasons they are resisting an appointment or roof inspection. We address those often very valid concerns rapidly with information that is recent and relevant–and customized at every stop. The homeowner is impressed and imagines that the next person they meet will have AT LEAST the competence level of the first person they met. 

What We Do

  • Lead Generation to Write-Up. We can do it all but instead work closely with you or your sales team for a smooth pass-off. We can also get involved in the adjuster meeting to final inspection. 
  • Team Selling Works Well. For larger projects, we can provide sales expertise while you handle the technical aspects of the sale. Just ask one of our former Storm Partners listed on this page how we have jointly sold hundreds of projects. We know how to do it without missing a beat.

Who Works with Us

  • You are Vested in Success. It works best when the salesperson is a professional with a high close ratio. (Yes, we have heard that most everyone closes at 90%, but just in case, let’s move cautiously here) We need senior people who have a lot of MARGIN in the sale. Putting one of our sales professionals with a pack of junior salespeople will not make anyone happy.
  • Become more Credible. We can work with someone who may not have the best credentials, but we will need to make accommodation for the risk with higher commissions and more security on payment. But you will also be able to leverage our online credentials to your benefit.

How We Get Paid

  • Highly Dependent on Your Commitment/Competence. We can wait on the money (risk transfer goes to us) but need some assurance that you will continue to pursue that business to the end of the sales cycle. We may ask for an advance on future commissions to incentivize you to follow-up. We track all the prospects from the cradle to the grave, so we have a straightforward way of monitoring how WE are doing and providing sales analytics.
  • Percentage of the Sale. Most companies who bill themselves as “canvassers” want to get paid as soon as possible, with no future contact or responsibility. It’s very tempting for us but does not serve all parties. In our process, we have clients who take the pass off at the door, and we never contact the prospect again. But most of our clients want us to stay involved far longer. It depends where we are in the storm cycle and who has deployable assets where. 

How We Do It

  • Build a Process to Hire the Least Qualified Candidate Possible. If available, sober and competent roofing professional would be beautiful to have around–but good luck finding one
  • Sales Teams Integration. We carefully choreograph the tasks we perform, supporting our joint selling efforts. Our goal is to merge as much as we can with your existing practices. But we will also not take on a project if you do not adopt at least the minimal standards required.
  • Sales Field Support. Without the dedicated support of a back office, we could not possibly create the kind of results that occur in the field. We remotely manage technology, TeamViewer, and RemotePC. 
  • Marketing & Sales Support. We designed our web as a resource for “marketing challenged” contractors. You can also choose from some outstanding brochure templates to gain instant credibility.
  • CRM & Lead Management. We have highly customized the leading canvassing application Sales Rabbit. We can integrate with your CRM or use the popular JobNimbus construction software platform.
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